Definition of miseducate in US English:



[with object]
  • Educate, teach, or inform wrongly.

    ‘people have been miseducated about the drug's effects’
    • ‘The celibate teenagers themselves are not only miseducated into ignorance; they are usually miserable.’
    • ‘Research seldom addresses how gender stereotyping affects and miseducates boys as well.’
    • ‘This blunder means that we have miseducated a whole generation of young Irish people into having underage sex.’
    • ‘This was done because we have to get serious about providing better learning opportunities for all students, particularly those students who have been miseducated in their schooling.’
    • ‘The problem, of course, is that when those kids don't learn those things, they grow up to wield power and miseducate their own children.’
    • ‘It's bad enough that teachers unions help miseducate American youngsters.’
    • ‘Just think, is this the kind of person or the kind of school system where you want to send your children daily, to be miseducated and programmed not to think for themselves, like this principal?’
    • ‘A generation of Europeans has been miseducated by its own media and leaders.’
    • ‘Such a process creates what I refer to as bridge people: people that are miseducated in a way that connects them to two worlds but works vigilantly to make certain that they belong to neither.’
    • ‘He cautions that ‘the risks of miseducating children are both short- and long-term.’’
    • ‘In poorer areas, we are miseducating large numbers of children, and we are allowing them to grow up in impoverished and violent environments.’
    • ‘It is unfair to students to miseducate and confuse them about the nature of the scientific process.’