Definition of misdeal in US English:



[no object]
  • Make a mistake when dealing cards.

    • ‘If a player misdeals, the deck passes to the next player, and a Refa is declared.’
    • ‘If the cards are misdealt in any way, they must be shuffled, cut and dealt again.’


  • A hand dealt wrongly.

    • ‘In the event of a misdeal, the dealer loses the privilege of dealing and the deal is passed to the left.’
    • ‘Any inaccuracies during the deal will void the hand and cause a misdeal.’
    • ‘Forgetting to offer the cards to be cut, or any kind of misdeal is a fault.’
    • ‘A misdeal does not change the deal, but in such cases the cards must be re-shuffled, re-cut, and re-dealt.’
    • ‘The dealer shuffles and must allow the person to the right cut the cards - if the cut is not offered a misdeal can be called.’