Definition of misanthropically in US English:



  • See misanthropic

    • ‘He was too busy eating hot dogs, his face distorted by the meat, his dark feral eyes gleaming misanthropically into the field of play.’
    • ‘She's the kind of grown-up girl who does cartwheels on the beach while he watches with his hands thrust misanthropically in his pockets.’
    • ‘The sudden stop is as misanthropically cynical and arbitrary as the track's brutal beginning and will either summon hangman's smiles from the listener or sighs of exasperation.’
    • ‘Previously in this space, I rather misanthropically grumbled about the usual preponderance of retro rock tours scheduled for this summer.’
    • ‘Another character who is misanthropically withdrawn finds redemption in slow stages, progressing from ordinary decency to true heroism.’