Definition of miry in English:



  • Very muddy or boggy.

    ‘the roads were miry in winter’
    • ‘It was Havies' better knowhow that helped them to be in front in this gruelling contest played in miry conditions.’
    • ‘One cannot go to the mines at this time on account of the rising waters and because the routes are miry and submerged… Food is very expensive in this country.’
    • ‘Roads of a sort, fitfully maintained by statute-labour, existed in an arc from the Moray Firth to the central belt, but were often so primitive, rutted, or miry that they got worse as traffic increased.’
    • ‘They kept arriving by land much faster than we could come by water; every moment increased the crowd, the jostling, the mutual clinging, on that miry foothold.’
    • ‘And yet, turning in my trap, I saw her lingering before the door, very still, and as if meditating a flight up the miry road.’
    muddy, oozy, slushy, slimy, swampy, marshy, boggy, fenny, watery, sodden, sopping, saturated, squelchy, waterlogged, soggy, soft, heavy
    mucky, dirty, filthy
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