Definition of mirrored in US English:



  • 1Having a surface like a mirror; reflective.

    ‘mirrored sunglasses’
    • ‘The uncomfortable recognition of something very familiar, even hauntingly similar to ourselves, is looking back from beneath all that mirrored brass and chrome.’
    • ‘Her helmet was slender and white with a gray faceplate and mirrored black visor.’
    • ‘A man stands stiffly in a vintage uniform, mirrored glasses masking his face.’
    • ‘Some of its more daring features include plants made from mirrored stainless steel.’
    • ‘Its expansive mirrored surface is lined with rocky coastlines, mountainous and jagged in the north to gently sloping in the south.’
    • ‘The presentation is over a mirrored skyline.’
    • ‘He doesn't mind the scuffs her small feet are leaving in the mirrored black leather of his freshly polished shoes.’
    • ‘If you are considering wearing mirrored contact lenses this year, see your eye-care professional.’
    • ‘They fly into mirrored buildings chasing prey or because of wind shears.’
    • ‘Fabrics are given the technological touch with the use of rubberized velvet and wool, mirrored wool crepe, stretch net, and spider-beaded georgette.’
    1. 1.1 Fitted with a mirror or mirrors.
      ‘the room has wall-to-wall mirrored wardrobes’
      • ‘In 1692, the furniture maker supplied the duke fittings that included a mirrored door for the great chamber.’
      • ‘Rigged to slowly rotate in the darkened gallery, the mirrored structure reflected shards of light onto the surrounding walls.’
      • ‘Visitors could ascend some 40 feet to mirrored observation posts.’
      • ‘Under a backlit mirrored ceiling, the impression is of being inside a faceted gem.’
      • ‘From the ceilings hang myriad mirrored cubes that spin at different speeds.’
      • ‘The foot-deep wall holds a mirrored medicine cabinet and conceals a maze of plumbing, air ducts, and ventilation equipment.’
      • ‘He experimented with deliriously inventive and chaotic installations, incorporating sculpture, video, found objects, even a mirrored disco ball.’
      • ‘A single-channel video played simultaneously over a series of circular screens that had been set in a line within a mirrored room.’
      • ‘The whole tableau is set upon a rococo footed platter, white with gold wave trim, that recalls the mirrored trays of mid-20th-century suburban dresser sets.’
      • ‘Running between the courtroom and dance studio, a one-way mirrored wall subverts the relationship between viewer and viewed.’