Definition of mirror carp in US English:

mirror carp


  • A common carp of an ornamental variety that has a row of large shiny scales along each side. It has been naturalized in North America, Britain, and elsewhere.

    • ‘Patient and determined night fishing at Bigland Hall coarse fishery brought due reward for a skilled local angler who is pictured with his best catch, a 25 lb 2oz mirror carp.’
    • ‘My first cast produced a bite that resulted in a very deep bodied mirror carp with terrific shoulders.’
    • ‘I had a couple of bites after this that produced a three pound ghost carp and a slightly bigger mirror carp.’
    • ‘I did not have to wait long before I hooked into my first fish that turned out to be a mirror carp of about 7.5 lb.’
    • ‘The Reddington family took a bold step within a couple of years and restocked with mirror carp purchased from the nearby Stambridge Trout Fisheries.’
    • ‘I even caught a good, double-figured mirror carp on a white bait.’
    • ‘It is a mixed fishery stocked with roach, bream, golden orfe, common and mirror carp with some nice koi present.’
    • ‘Carp lake is stocked with ghost, common and mirror carp to over 301b.’
    • ‘It took me a long time to land the fish that turned out to be a nice mirror carp of 161b 4oz.’
    • ‘Whilst scaled carp still exist, mirror carp, with a few scales, and leather carp, with no scales at all, have been developed.’
    • ‘It then started to tire and I netted my first mirror carp of the day.’
    • ‘However when the mirror carp turned the scales to 10 lb - 14 oz that was enough for second place and also turned out to be the biggest fish caught by the Nelson boys this season.’