Definition of mirror ball in US English:

mirror ball

(also mirrorball)


  • A revolving ball covered with small mirrored facets, used to provide lighting effects at discos or dances.

    • ‘The sale of white trousers and numbers of people going to discos could be tied together, but it would be based on a major, and wrong, assumption that everyone who pulls on white pants is going to be going to strut under a mirrorball.’
    • ‘The guys in the office liked to think of this as disco mode - without the mirrorball and flares.’
    • ‘It costs me money to bring this stage here, and the guys and the lights and the mirrorball, and if you want me to show up on a flatbed with a bad P.A. system I'll charge you $5.’
    • ‘The lights dimmed when the chimes started, and all we could see was the glint of the mirrorball spinning slowly high above our heads.’
    • ‘It was like something out of the opening scene of Honey - trashy R&B playing and people dancing on the sunken dancefloor beneath the largest mirrorball in Melbourne.’
    • ‘The world's largest mirrorball is here; 47,000 mirrors on a six-ton, 20 ft sphere.’
    • ‘Did I mention I've got a mirrorball in my bathroom?’
    • ‘God, who was that awful singer who did the cheesy disco song where the video had a gold mirrorball?’
    • ‘The Factory never looked as good, with swirling images projected onto one bare wall and a mirrorball spreading spots of light around the rest of them.’
    • ‘The camera pans around: their walls are now purple with flurries of stuck-on stars, the carpet is orange shag, the side lighting wrapped in recycled aluminium, and the central ceiling fitted with a mirrorball with a laser trained on it.’
    • ‘‘And Blackpool's popular mirrorball is the image on the Arts Council of England's corporate Christmas card,’ she added.’
    • ‘Colorful strobe lights bounced off masses of dancing people and a shiny mirrorball spun overhead, reflecting the lights.’