Definition of mirabelle in English:



  • 1A sweet yellow plumlike fruit that is a variety of the greengage.

    • ‘This time I had semi-dried black figs, large white figs, prunes, mirabelles (a kind of plum), and pears, all of which are from France.’
    • ‘The mirabelles, which are another group of mainly yellow plums, are also hard to classify with confidence but placed by some authorities as varieties of P. insititia.’
    • ‘Luxembourg also produces eaux-de-vie, or plum brandies, made from mirabelle (yellow plums) and quetsch (purple plums).’
    • ‘That's when we saw a section which had first escaped our attention, the pick-your-own plum trees - dozens upon dozens of beautiful leafy trees, positively laden with quetsches and mirabelles.’
    • ‘It smells racy, intense and richly baroque, glittering with aromas of apricots, nectarines and mirabelles.’
    1. 1.1 The tree that bears the mirabelle fruit.
    2. 1.2 A liqueur distilled from the mirabelle fruit.


Early 18th century: from French.