Definition of minority report in US English:

minority report


  • A separate report presented by members of a committee or other group who disagree with the majority.

    • ‘These concession in the main report helped prevent an even more damaging scenario whereby the non-Labour members could have issued a dissenting minority report and divided the committee openly on party lines.’
    • ‘We were alarmed enough to raise the question in our minority report.’
    • ‘As recorded in our minority report on the bill, we do not support the inclusion in schedule 12 of the statement of values relating to the Toopuni site.’
    • ‘I will quote from the minority report of United Future.’
    • ‘As the House will see, National has a minority report in the report back.’
    • ‘The very good National and ACT members on that select committee put together a minority report.’
    • ‘I would like to make the point, too, that the minority report of the Privileges Committee lays some weight on the fact that a select committee had another look at this law in 1993.’
    • ‘They have prepared a minority report from the select committee.’
    • ‘But I want to refer briefly to page 7 of the Finance and Expenditure Committee's report on the estimates - the minority report of the National Party and the ACT party.’
    • ‘I draw to the attention of the Committee the fact that we have written a minority report in respect of this bill.’
    • ‘All I can say is I commend the work of the ACT and the National members of the select committee in making their minority report to this Parliament, as it points out the serious issues involved in this case.’
    • ‘But there is nothing in the bill to that effect, despite our minority report from the select committee.’
    • ‘I rise on behalf of the Green Party to say that we will oppose this bill, and we presented a minority report on the bill to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee.’
    • ‘He then asked whether he was allowed to include a minority report, and the committee agreed to accept a minority report from the Green member, and that is included in the legislation and the report back before the House today.’
    • ‘This report is the minority report of the Education and Science Committee on the State Sector Amendment Bill, and it is the position of the National Party.’
    • ‘All members had an opportunity to read the report and write a minority report, if they disagreed with the finding of the majority.’
    • ‘I was on the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee that considered the bill, and I presented a minority report, which I shall be explaining and elaborating on.’
    • ‘In a court, the majority report becomes law and the minority report either disappears, or becomes the basis of future review.’
    • ‘One of my own favourite memories was when an SWP member of the executive went on a delegation to Eastern Europe and presented a minority report which was highly critical of state-controlled student unions.’
    • ‘I have no objection to this member quoting from our minority report, or indeed from what I said.’


minority report

/məˈnôrədē rəˈpôrt/