Definition of minority leader in US English:

minority leader


  • The head of the minority party in a legislative body, especially the US Senate or House of Representatives.

    • ‘Two-thirds of Allied's candidates won, the Republicans controlled the Assembly for the first time in 25 years, and Hurtt became the state Senate minority leader.’
    • ‘Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of California, making history, speaking this week after fellow Democrats elected her the House minority leader.’
    • ‘It was a little more difficult for the minority leader in the House not to come down hard, but he really didn't have any choice.’
    • ‘But the House minority leader, Richard Gephardt, is hoping for an upset.’
    • ‘One Democrat with close ties to labor, the former House minority leader, Congressman Richard Gephardt, will be here to joins us.’
    • ‘The Senate Democratic minority leader from South Dakota straddles the fence on many environmental issues facing Western states.’
    • ‘The House minority leader has previously refused to make receipts available from his leadership accounts, citing the House policy.’
    • ‘Joining me is Mike Fasano, the Florida House majority leader, and Lois Frankel, the Florida House minority leader.’
    • ‘The House minority leader, Richard Gephardt, takes the same position.’
    • ‘Former House minority leader Dick Gephardt is also running for president, he announced Wednesday.’
    • ‘The only thing worse than being minority leader in the Senate is being majority leader with one vote.’
    • ‘The Democratic minority leader was the first party head to lose Senate re-election in more than 50 years.’
    • ‘He is House minority leader, Democrat of Missouri.’
    • ‘And of the four that preceded them, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon were all senators, while Gerald Ford was the minority leader of the House.’
    • ‘The Senate minority leader theorized that the vote might be delayed until a lame-duck congressional session after the election or even until next year.’
    • ‘Your Republican counterpart, the Senate minority leader, Trent Lott, was on this program last week.’
    • ‘And, to be sure, he's minority leader of the Senate and therefore the senior politician in the Democratic Party, but conventional wisdom says otherwise, so we can just ignore this.’
    • ‘He became minority leader of the Senate, where he was a master congressional politician and emerged as a candidate for president.’
    • ‘The Senate minority leader is the most prominent national Democrat and will remain such until a presidential nominee is chosen.’
    • ‘Coming up next, Senate minority leader, Tom Daschle.’


minority leader