Definition of minority interest in US English:

minority interest


  • 1An activity, subject, etc. that is of interest to only a limited number of people.

    ‘opera is a minority interest even among those who do attend arts events on a regular basis’
    • ‘However popular the idea of organic farming is, it is still a minority interest.’
    • ‘Early music, despite the rise in interest and popularity over the past decade or so, is still a minority interest.’
    • ‘Even though literature may be a minority interest in this country, people who are devoted to it are deeply committed.’
    • ‘For many years history was regarded as a 'minority interest' appropriate for an education rather than an entertainment slot.’
    • ‘Others say that it is the result of audiences voting with their feet and proves that straight drama is now a strictly minority interest.’
    • ‘During the first half of the 19th century, however, despite the activities of proponents such as James Busby, wine-making remained a minority interest.’
    • ‘Interest in the physical condition of ageing people has been continuously present among medical specialists since ancient times, though always as a minority interest.’
    • ‘Traditional music is a minority interest in England, though very much a living tradition in Scotland and Ireland.’
    • ‘The crooner never really went away - he simply became a minority interest, belting out the standards in London venues such as Ronnie Scott's and Pizza on the Park.’
    • ‘Superheros are a minority interest.’
  • 2A significant share in a subsidiary company, owned by a party other than the holding company.

    ‘Asper acquired a minority interest in TV3 New Zealand’
    • ‘He also owns a minority interest in the Edmonton Oilers NHL team.’
    • ‘A non-licensee may hold only a minority interest, both voting and equity, and must materially participate in the firm's business.’
    • ‘BIN will retain minority interests in the concrete product manufacturing business.’
    • ‘The source however could not disclose whether there were some Zambians who had expressed interest in taking up the 30 per cent minority interests in the coal mine.’
    • ‘He will take responsibility for business development and the running of Vodafone's minority interests.’
    • ‘NBC has a minority interest in the PAX broadcast network.’
    • ‘Most of the minority interest is concentrated in the dairy sector, with dairy cooperatives holding more than 51 percent of the total.’
    • ‘It prefers to begin its expansion programme in new countries by gaining a toehold - or minority interest - rather than making a big initial acquisition.’
    • ‘Three years later, it sold a minority interest in an initial public offering.’
    • ‘The company would hold a minority interest in the club if the investor exercised the option.’