Definition of Minorite in US English:



  • A Franciscan friar or Friar Minor.

    • ‘Robert of Oteringham, a Minorite, said, ‘One evening my prior did not appear at table, as relics were come from Palestine which he wished to show the brethren.’’
    • ‘He became a Minorite friar and in 1549 joined the monastic community at S. Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice, where he studied with Willaert and became a friend of his fellow pupil Merulo.’
    • ‘The most excellent places in the Monastery are undoubtedly the Summer Refectory and the Minorite Library.’
    • ‘The first Minorite church was built on the bank of Eger stream.’
    • ‘The convent cloister of the Minorite monastery, originating from the year about 1500, is of an oblong ground plan.’
    • ‘We had to make several trips from the Fortress to the Minorite House.’
    • ‘The Minorite Church may be found under 4 Dobó Square in the downtown of Eger.’
    • ‘Since 1990 Olimje Castle has been occupied by monks of the Minorite order, who also manage the parish.’
    • ‘The Minorite monastery with the Church of Corpus Christi and Annunciation of the Virgin was founded in 1350 by the Rozmberks.’