Definition of minor prophet in US English:

minor prophet


  • Any of the twelve prophets after whom the shorter prophetic books of the Bible, from Hosea to Malachi, are named.

    • ‘By dinner time I've memorized the themes and meanings of the names of all the minor prophets, as well as significant scriptures in each.’
    • ‘Hadn't he come back, the sot turned from his sack, chiding them with Nehemiah, Jonah, minor prophets?’
    • ‘The minor prophets were less lit up by pride, closer to hunger.’
    • ‘Habakkuk, the eighth of the twelve minor prophets, is merely three chapters long but powerful in its theology.’
    • ‘As a child and teenager, I learned in Vacation Bible School that the Old Testament contains several books called major and minor prophets.’


minor prophet

/ˌmīnər ˈpräfət/