Definition of minicar in US English:



  • A very small car, especially a subcompact.

    • ‘Hyundai Motor India has finalised plans of launching the compact hatch ‘Elantra’ and its bestselling minicar in Europe Getz, in India.’
    • ‘Since launching Buick in China five years ago, GM has poured more than $2 billion into an expanded lineup of 14 cars, ranging from the $8,000 Chevrolet Spark minicar to, starting later this year, luxurious Cadillacs.’
    • ‘Across the Continent and in the U.S., orders are pouring in faster than BMW can churn out the retro-styled minicars with bulging headlights.’
    • ‘Later this year, Honda plans to update its tiny 600 cc Life minicar.’
    • ‘The four-door Indian minicar, known for its small but trouble-free engine, retails for just $4,200 and ranks as the world's cheapest auto.’
    • ‘Ford insists it vetoed the spot, proposed by an ad agency to give the souped-up minicar a bad-boy image.’
    • ‘Nissan plans to release six new models in Japan this year to help increase sales by 6 percent to 757,000 units, excluding minicars.’
    • ‘General Motors' South Korean unit GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co last week sued Chery Automobile Co, claiming that the Chinese carmaker's QQ minicars used parts and designs from its Matiz minicar without permission.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the sale of Daewoo's 800-cc Matiz minicar is up 32% in September - frugal consumers, at least, are buying.’
    • ‘The first, a new Matiz minicar, is due out in Europe and Korea next spring.’
    • ‘Here is a £6,000 minicar that you will be able to buy from next summer with the choice of three different badges.’
    • ‘With India becoming a global manufacturing hub for minicars, an increasing number of pure car carriers are calling at Indian ports.’
    • ‘The midprice compact represents Fiat's most ambitious effort yet to end its dependence on minicars and take on Volkswagen, Ford, and Renault in the heart of the European car market.’
    • ‘Mazda and Toyota show concepts for urban minicars that may lead to something you could buy in a few years' time.’
    • ‘Evans singled out the case of a General Motors Corp. subsidiary that is suing Chinese carmaker Chery Automotive for ripping off the design of its Chevrolet Spark minicar.’
    • ‘GM's Gliwice, Poland plant, which produces the Agila minicar, illustrates how both suppliers and the regional economy can gain.’
    • ‘In fact, Honda's worldwide lineup consists of five platforms, with the light truck platform of the Odyssey at the top and minicars that are not available in the U.S. market at the opposite end.’
    • ‘Mitsubishi has teamed up with the Smart Div. of its German partner DaimlerChrysler to develop a four-seater minicar.’
    • ‘The frame was used in the development of the Renault Modus minicar.’
    • ‘But even these models outperformed minicars, whose death rate of 249 per million was the worst of any vehicle (unlike their fuel efficiency, which is tops).’