Definition of mindless in US English:



  • 1Acting or done without justification or concern for the consequences.

    ‘a generation of mindless vandals’
    ‘mindless violence’
    • ‘It's a bit of a shame that mindless vandals have done this before a welcome opening.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, some mindless vandal sprayed a lot of road signs around the City of York with pro-hunting graffiti.’
    • ‘Sadly there were times over the past few months when they had to go back to certain areas and start from scratch all over again, thanks to some mindless vandals who seemed intend on trying to drag Carlow down.’
    • ‘He is given the benefit of some wisdom and a bedrock code of behavior, which prevent him from being a mindless cutout.’
    • ‘The mindless vandals then caused extensive damage to the playing surface.’
    • ‘Some mindless vandals have damaged the bust of Archbishop Huddleston, unveiled in Bedford last year by Nelson Mandela.’
    • ‘The disruption of peaceful protests in Genoa by a few mindless thugs acting in the name of anarchy should concern us all.’
    • ‘The fire brigade and residents deserve protection from these mindless vandals.’
    • ‘We must underpin our values and interdependence by mutual action, working together to secure what the mindless advocates of violence can never take away.’
    • ‘Bill says: ‘Not all young people are mindless vandals - they have been able to see the need to help others.’’
    • ‘Then to top it all, my son who works hard, stays off the street corners and is a responsible adult, paid for a car, taxed and insured it and then mindless vandals covered his beloved car with eggs and flour and let the tyres down.’
    • ‘We've heard it all before, but the reasons WHY foxes are being murdered by these mindless idiots each week are still very much unjustified to me.’
    • ‘Resilient parents and pupils have managed to raise more than £4,500 despite mindless vandals attempting to ruin their charity fun day.’
    • ‘With the schools now closed for Easter holidays, fears are growing that other prominent buildings will be targeted by the mindless vandals and their spray cans.’
    • ‘We want to make sure we can keep it that way and protect it from mindless vandals,’ she said.’
    • ‘Ever since the advent of mindless vandals, buses have been a favourite target.’
    • ‘Why do mindless vandals frequently ruin our beautiful parks and public buildings?’
    • ‘From where I am, I see yet again more litter and destruction by mindless vandals.’
    • ‘They would have been remembered not as forward-thinking reformers - but as mindless cultural vandals.’
    • ‘They are mindless senseless yobs with no respect for anybody else.’
    stupid, idiotic, brainless, imbecilic, imbecile, asinine, witless, foolish, empty-headed, vacuous, unintelligent, half-witted, dull, slow-witted, obtuse, weak-minded, feather-brained, doltish, blockish
    unthinking, thoughtless, senseless, gratuitous, careless, wanton, indiscriminate, unreasoning, uncalled for, brutish, barbarous, barbaric
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    1. 1.1mindless ofpredicative Not thinking of or concerned about.
      ‘mindless of the fact she was in her nightgown, she rushed to the door’
      • ‘Lisa's heart soared as they stopped dancing and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, mindless of the fact that they were in the middle of the dance floor.’
      • ‘She hugged him tighter, mindless of the fact that it made her bruises ache.’
      indifferent to, heedless of, unaware of, unmindful of, careless of, insensible to, blind to
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    2. 1.2 (of an activity) so simple or repetitive as to be performed automatically without thought or skill.
      ‘the monotony of housework turns it into a mindless task’
      • ‘Submitting to a directory should not be a mindless activity.’
      • ‘The soldiers are put through back-breaking training sessions and mindless tasks like polishing boots to teach them to obey orders without question.’
      • ‘Fast food companies have long hired teenagers to perform mindless and interchangeable tasks that do little to teach job skills or build self esteem.’
      • ‘I abhor beauty pageants; whoever thought of those stupid, mindless activities was out of his mind.’
      • ‘I shall stick to routine, mindless tasks, and whistle my way through it happily enough.’
      • ‘He had given up work in disgust at the sheer banality of everyday life - this mindless activity just to get your old age pension.’
      • ‘But it is a place where we perform a relatively mindless and simple activity.’
      • ‘Thank goodness for mindless tasks that (sort of) need to get done.’
      • ‘Heaven preserve us from all these repetitive, mindless tasks.’
      • ‘After eight painful consecutive months of mindless learning, you deserve it.’
      • ‘Depending on how much I'm distracted from the mindless task in hand, it remains there for a period of anything up to six hours (although I do take breaks).’
      • ‘This will help you break from mindless activity and be conscious of the time, allowing you to focus on your priority - staying on schedule.’
      • ‘Jacques Tati satirised mindless routines at work and home in his films.’
      • ‘Seeing beings like me being forced to perform mindless tasks over and over made me sad, and helping them by escaping made me happy.’
      • ‘Geraghty's professors are by and large men timid in scholarship, locked into mindless routines and shy to the point of cold rudeness in personal dealings.’
      • ‘Knowing this, she had allowed herself to slip into the mindless routine of farm work, blindly tilling the soil, never looking up at the sky.’
      • ‘The tasks are mindless - find the little girl's lost teddy bear - and you're forced to make small talk with villagers who sound like Pam Ayres.’
      • ‘Somehow I don't mind mindless repetitive tasks when the sumo is on.’
      • ‘To many it might seem a mindless activity and a waste of precious human resource and time.’
      • ‘Depending on what values are placed on music, disco can be construed as mindless, repetitive, simple music.’
      mechanical, automatic, routine, robotic
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