Definition of mincingly in US English:



  • See mincing

    • ‘Dancers, whose upper bodies are naked and who are wrapped from the waist down in red material, move mincingly on the stage as if floating on it in circles.’
    • ‘We have a couple of pea-fowl who certainly are an addition to the landscape, as they step mincingly along the square of turf we dignify by the name of lawn.’
    • ‘We walked, mincingly at first so as not to kick the people in front of us in the crowd.’
    • ‘She walked mincingly, and she hung her disengaged hand at her side with her handkerchief always in it, which she now pressed to her eyes, as if to wipe away her tears of laughter.’
    • ‘As each gallery's attractions were listed, Ms. Nolan struck sophisticated poses and moved mincingly en pointe, yet never made clear just what the sketch's choreographic point was supposed to be.’