Definition of millwright in US English:



  • A person who designs or builds mills or who maintains mill machinery.

    • ‘The first job Croll tried his hand at was as a millwright.’
    • ‘Oak-spallers and trug makers - who make baskets - along with hayrakers, walking stick-makers and millwrights are among the craftsmen considered at risk of dying out.’
    • ‘The original Carter Brothers established their company in 1873 as millwrights.’
    • ‘This was an immediate reaction to a widespread strike by millwrights, but passed against the background of fear of radicalism as embodied in the French Revolution.’
    • ‘He took great pride that his son Richard who is a millwright decided to build the first new mill in the county for a century.’
    • ‘These were advertised as ‘made especially for garage mechanics, millwrights and others who require a screwdriver that will stand up under severe usage.’’
    • ‘By late 1795 Jefferson had found his man, millwright John H. Buck, and on January 5, 1796, Jefferson noted that the millwright had begun working on the threshing machine.’
    • ‘Andre, a retired millwright, said they'll bank the latest winnings until they decide what to do with the cash.’
    • ‘As a millwright, he moved from one job location to another and hence left few traces in public records prior to 1796.’
    • ‘A United Steelworkers of America activist, the soon-to-be-unemployed millwright entered a nonpartisan race for a seat on the St. Louis County Commission and topped a field of twelve candidates in February voting.’
    • ‘In 1770, Arkwright used millwrights and clockmakers to install his mainly wooden machinery at Cromford.’
    • ‘He was a carpenter, millwright, agent, and building custodian.’
    • ‘In addition to depicting the instruments, Tuttell related their use to various tradesmen and professions, including millwrights, bricklayers, shipwrights, and architects.’
    • ‘Born in London, the son of a millwright, Nash was the most successful English architect of the early 19th cent.’
    • ‘Karen was born in Barlick 47 years ago, the daughter of a millwright, and delighted her family by gaining a place at Skipton Girls' High School.’
    • ‘The group has just heard it has been successful in its bid for nearly £22,000 from the Local Heritage Initiative to fund a millwright's survey, promotional literature, a computer and archive.’
    • ‘It was started by the Barrett family and until 1932 it was the home of ironfounders, wheelwrights, millwrights and general engineers.’
    • ‘Residents in the 1891 Census comprised worsted workers, a millwright and a caretaker of the mill reservoir, which had been incorporated into the local authority water-works system.’
    • ‘Antebellum canal engineers were mostly millwrights, surveyors, mechanics, or masons, some field-trained on the Erie Canal and others formally schooled at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.’
    • ‘And it's entirely fitting for a retired millwright and machinist, who doesn't hesitate to proclaim that just as the lion is the king of the jungle the hammer ‘is the king of tools.’’