Definition of millboard in US English:



  • Stiff gray pasteboard, used for the covers of books.

    • ‘In the early 16th century, they started to make cover cores with millboards, which were produced by gluing together sheets of paper.’
    • ‘Those were the days when the craft of bookbinding involved working with linen thread, webbing, animal glues, vellum, leather, millboards and handmade papers.’
    • ‘After and during forming, the millboard sheet is compressed to give it uniform thickness and to consolidate it.’
    • ‘The more important lightweight sketching supports in the 19th century were academy boards and millboards.’
    • ‘It is best to keep two ploughs in use, one for the millboard cutting, and one for the edges of the books.’
    • ‘The wet mixtures for millboard, paper, and asbestos-cement products are prepared in a beater, as used in paper mills.’