Definition of milkwort in English:



  • A small plant that was formerly believed to increase the milk yield of cows and nursing mothers. Its tiny flowers, which may be white, pink, yellow-orange, blue, or greenish, usually appear in cloverlike heads.

    • ‘Among the attractive flowers are four-petal Saint-John's wort, Leaven-worth's tickseed, orange milkwort, shortleaf gayfeather, showy milkwort, sleepy morning, snow squarestem, and whitetop aster.’
    • ‘On the ground, patches of yellow tormentil, blue-purple and red-magenta milkwort were growing at regular intervals, with small heath, small copper, green hairstreak and other butterfly species putting in the occasional appearance.’
    • ‘Browsing among orchids, fairy flax, milkwort and oxeye daisies, John explains the problems of trying to grow wildflowers in modern gardens and the huge rewards they offer to anyone lucky enough to enjoy the right growing conditions.’