Definition of militarily in US English:



  • 1In a military manner; by means of armed forces.

    ‘troops intervened militarily to restore order’
    • ‘I mean to suggest that somehow the insurgents are defeating us militarily.’
    • ‘They came to deal with the movement, but not because of their inability to defeat them militarily or to lock them all up.’
    • ‘The Allies faced the dual challenges of crushing the Axis militarily and of considering how best to govern the postwar world.’
    • ‘Western culture is assaulting them, not militarily, but culturally.’
    • ‘The democratic processes have been arbitrarily thrown out the window by their government, who was quick to join an alliance to militarily subdue the aggressors.’
    • ‘The only way to do that, I'm afraid, is to go in and militarily remove the regimes that are holding these countries back.’
    • ‘What he really wants is to militarily occupy 10 kilometers of the territories as another step toward his ultimate goal.’
    • ‘Sea transportation there would get tricky if allied forces retaliate militarily against the ruling extremists in the country.’
    • ‘A recent article asserted that the government is now prepared to respond militarily to any cyberattack.’
    • ‘His cabinet shifted its attention to another Mideast republic, which it calculated would be unable to respond militarily to an air strike.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to armed forces; from a military point of view.
      ‘a strong country economically and militarily’
      • ‘As a nation, it is growing stronger, commercially and militarily.’
      • ‘Militarily, it is hard to make the case that the insurgents stack up against our armed forces.’
      • ‘In spite of its militarily advantageous location, it has witnessed profound struggle nearly from its inception.’
      • ‘In the end, it could turn out to be a militarily important partner, living off a shriveled economy.’
      • ‘If you don't understand how to interpret them militarily, you may just stab yourself in the back with your own silver tongue.’
      • ‘The peaks and fertile slopes of these biblical lands are strategically and militarily valuable.’
      • ‘It may simply be a dressed up reaffirmation of their right to remain militarily neutral in any future global conflict into which the EU is sucked.’
      • ‘New alliances are emerging that neither politically nor militarily may be benign to the United States.’
      • ‘It's true that they often seem to keep certain other countries in a "state of extended adolescence" militarily.’
      • ‘I just can't think militarily, but you can, so I'm here to hear your tactical words of wisdom.’