Definition of mile-a-minute weed in US English:

mile-a-minute weed


  • An invasive and noxious vine, native to Asia, that has downward-pointing barbs on the stem and the underside of leaves. It is considered an ecological threat in the eastern US.

    Polygonum perfoliatum, family Polygonaceae

    • ‘She also added that the knotweed spraying would occur some time next week and would include spraying for mile-a-minute weeds.’
    • ‘Bob Trumbule, an entomologist with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, looks for signs of weevils that have been turned loose to combat the mile-a-minute weeds growing in Meadowbrook Park.’
    • ‘In the case of mile-a-minute weed the seeds remain viable for at least four years, possibly longer.’
    • ‘Paras is working with weevils, small black insects that feed on mile-a-minute weed, an invasive alien vine from Asia.’
    • ‘Thickets of mile-a-minute weed can reduce plant diversity in natural areas and degrade wildlife habitat.’
    • ‘And while kudzu was imported and initially planted on purpose in the United States, mile-a-minute weed arrived here by accident.’
    • ‘I have studied both aquatic and terrestrial plants including water hyacinth, alligator weed, water chestnut, mile-a-minute weed, common and giant ragweeds, leafy spurge, and Canada thistle.’