Definition of mightn't in US English:



  • Might not.

    ‘you mightn't believe it, but I saw him stop a fight’
    • ‘They might have tips that the medical profession mightn't.’
    • ‘If we had, we mightn't have found out what we did a month later.’
    • ‘The fact that a person mightn't be going was never even countenanced and those of us that were left to knock out the lights began to feel worse and worse as the day went on.’
    • ‘But with so much to see and do you mightn't be able to sit still for long!’
    • ‘Still, there was the risk that it mightn't turn out that way.’
    • ‘This mightn't seem that strange, but I'm definitely losing it a little.’
    • ‘Critical judgments upset them dreadfully - and while they mightn't show it, they'll certainly let you know it.’
    • ‘I try to showcase music that mightn't necessarily get heard if I didn't play it but also have a great atmosphere and never forget that music is about enjoyment.’
    • ‘Come to think of it, they mightn't have been sheep at all.’
    • ‘With English crowds today one white tank mightn't be enough.’
    • ‘Readers outside Ireland mightn't know that vast majority of students here are educated in state funded schools and colleges.’
    • ‘Also, given the time of year, the weather mightn't be that suitable.’
    • ‘Some of the players still looked shell-shocked, as if they mightn't be believing what was happening.’
    • ‘She always put other people first which made me quite nervous sometimes because I was worried she mightn't look after herself.’
    • ‘At first glance, that mightn't seem very favourable as many top players like to take a break after a major championship.’
    • ‘You mightn't catch me showing quite that level of enthusiasm nowadays, but the cup can still create its own special brand of excitement.’
    • ‘It's sort of eerie writing/talking as though there's someone else here when there mightn't be anyone at all.’
    • ‘Even though there mightn't be very much of it, it would help somehow.’
    • ‘Do anything but write him a big cheque - even if, again, it mightn't actually be ‘that’ big.’
    • ‘I can't say one way or the other because it mightn't be the case.’