Definition of midwife toad in US English:

midwife toad


  • A European toad, the male of which has a distinctive piping call in spring and carries the developing eggs wrapped around his hind legs.

    Alytes obstetricans, family Discoglossidae

    • ‘While a handful of amphibians have started to recover with reintroduction programs, such as the Mallorcan midwife toad, the prospects may be more dire for amphibians than for birds.’
    • ‘Mitogenic rays, the midwife toad, and the flatworms that acquired memories through cannibalism share a chapter.’
    • ‘A total of 794 species were considered at risk, including the Indian pygmy hog, the Mallorcan midwife toad and the golden-crowned sifaka of Madagascar.’
    • ‘After fertilizing eggs, the male of the European midwife toad pushes his legs into the string of eggs until they are wound around his waist and legs.’


midwife toad

/ˈmidˌwīf tōd/