Definition of midst in US English:



archaic, literary
  • In the middle of.

    • ‘One scenic palm stands alone midst the cry of gulls, pelicans and boobies.’
    • ‘And midst them are those of Sydney Agricultural University whose Chardonnay is a premium wine in the market.’
    • ‘She sat down on the floor midst the great mess she had created angrily.’
    • ‘I stayed clear, took a haphazard line, and waded through the heather midst a cloud of pollen.’
    • ‘Molly scanned the room for an instrument, finally spotting an electric guitar midst the rubble.’


  • The middle point or part.

    • ‘To be plopped in the river's midst, in a canoe, on a spectacular day, is tranquilizing.’
    • ‘With tragic false confidence, the trio skied closer to the middle of the Bowl - into the midst of a vast avalanche path.’
    • ‘Then suddenly it could be observed that Maisie was in the crowd's midst.’
    • ‘But the girl had slipped into the woods, into the midst of a chorus of singing tree frogs and cicadas.’
    middle, centre, midpoint, halfway point, kernel, nub, focal point
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  • in our (or your, their, etc.) midst

    • Among us (or you or them).

      • ‘Perhaps you have a budding gardener in your midst.’
      • ‘If there are clowns and incompetents and criminals in your midst and you protect them, you're just as bad as they are and you command no respect at all from anyone.’
      • ‘The best records always reside on their own little planet, a few orbits away from the rest of the music in their midst.’
      • ‘Nothing fragments group solidarity and self-confidence like the gnawing suspicion of having an informer in your midst.’
      • ‘People fear the potential fifth columnist in their midst.’
      among us, between us, amid us, in our group, with us, surrounded by us, in the centre
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  • in the midst of

    • In the middle of.

      ‘we were in the midst of a losing streak’
      • ‘To be in the Pakistan dressing room in the midst of all this was truly unenviable.’
      • ‘It is not merely continuity but conviction that has been lost in the midst of all this.’
      • ‘What did that leaf represent in the midst of all this concrete and chaos?’
      • ‘How are we called to live our lives in the midst of all that goes on in the world around us?’
      • ‘But on that day, in the midst of all that evil, I saw the depth humanity has to offer.’


Late Middle English: from in middes ‘in the middle’.