Definition of midsection in US English:



  • 1The middle part of something.

    • ‘The parts of the thick hull moved perpendicular to the midsection.’
    • ‘Yet Africa and South America maintained a connection across their midsections and probably did so until about 100 to 105 million years ago.’
    • ‘The focal point is a rocky stream that takes up the lower midsection of the painting, while to the far left one can see a gently curving road, set off by a low fence.’
    • ‘While shaft midsections were recovered more frequently than either proximal or distal ends of darts, eight proximal and 13 distal ends of dart shafts were identified.’
    • ‘From the midsection on, the plot is overwhelmed by sentimental subplots, resulting in a dilution of the opening's visceral impact.’
    • ‘The midsection and back of the dress were of black leather.’
    • ‘The midsection of the book contains chapters highlighting the development, content, and implementation of vision.’
    • ‘Also, and heaven knows how it would have worked, provision was made in the midsection of each outer wing panels for a bay that would carry ten small bombs.’
    • ‘While resetting circuit breakers in the midsection of the aircraft, they noticed smoke and fumes.’
    • ‘Of interest is that the fractures on the Mill Pond contracting-stemmed bifaces occur on the midsections of the blades.’
    1. 1.1 The midriff.
      • ‘Wood, now 17, began to take Pilates to strengthen her midsection, the area from which a dancer's strength emanates.’
      • ‘Mo was supposed to thrive in a lineup as padded as his midsection.’
      • ‘Take your normal putting stance and grip, but anchor the shaft in your midsection.’
      • ‘Keep your torso steady and your movements controlled, and raise the bar until it touches or almost touches your midsection.’
      • ‘Ever wonder whether retired superheroes are subject to widening midsections and bad backs?’
      • ‘This comes easily to gymnasts, who need to tighten their midsections to maintain control during balance and strength moves, she adds.’
      • ‘Bend your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades together to bring the rope handles toward your midsection.’
      • ‘Tighten your midsection so your torso is completely straight (like a plank) from head to heels.’
      • ‘Everyone sat down and pulled the straps over their midsections and across their shoulders.’
      • ‘These activities will tighten your midsection and strengthen your back.’
      • ‘He lowered them slowly back down, keeping constant tension on his midsection.’
      • ‘These men represent the old guard faithfully, but with a new-era sensibility that combines pleasing lines and tight midsections with drum-tight conditioning.’
      • ‘She'd curled up in the middle of the bed, trying to make her midsection stop aching.’
      • ‘She clutched her midsection, bending over in a scream.’
      • ‘With cable rows, for instance, when the grip reaches your midsection, that's as far back as you can work your back muscles.’
      • ‘I stand on a wood block to lower the bar even farther, then pull it deep into my midsection, again squeezing for a three-count.’
      • ‘It was like a second or sometimes third brain located in the region of their midsections.’
      • ‘The truth is that deeply etched abdominals actually make a waist appear smaller than does a midsection with little or no definition.’
      • ‘Lean forward at your hips and pull the barbell into your midsection, pulling your shoulder blades together.’
      • ‘Zero carbs, low carbs, carb depletion and carb rotation are all diet strategies that have come into vogue as ways to help rid midsections of fat.’