Definition of Midrashic in US English:



  • See Midrash

    • ‘Scholars such as Yitzhak Heinemann and Yonah Frankel suggested classification of Midrashic passages by form.’
    • ‘It is expressed more than anything else by the relation of the Midrashic text to chapter 28 of Job.’
    • ‘Midrash Raba and Midrash Tanhuma will be the main Midrashic sources.’
    • ‘From internal evidence in the New Testament it would seem that Jesus and the apostles employed a Midrashic hermeneutic as evidenced in the manner by which the New Testament often uses and explains the old.’
    • ‘And so, when dealing with these Awesome Days, I'll stick to the relative safety of Talmudic trivia, Midrashic miscellany, customs and folklore.’