Definition of midrange in US English:



  • 1Statistics
    The arithmetic mean of the largest and the smallest values in a sample or other group.

    • ‘The indicator has not pushed through the 80 level and for the most part has hovered around the mid range of 40-60 on our chart.’
  • 2The middle part of the range of audible frequencies.

    • ‘Highs can be a bit tinny but this can be tweaked easy enough, with mid range and bass being just about right for both gaming and music.’
    • ‘I have mid-range frequency hearing loss in one ear due to tinnitus and maybe this is why things blend in.’
    • ‘His delivery is croaky and he misses even mid range notes.’


  • (of a product) in the middle of a range of products with regard to size, quality, or price.

    • ‘A pristine mid-range keyboard rested on a stand to the right of the door.’
    • ‘The counting is still going on, but there were indications that Saryna Bistro could be a good mid-range restaurant.’
    • ‘Dubai also has a good selection of mid-range accommodation.’
    • ‘We go out for a drink, we talk, we reach the bottom of a number of bottles of mid-range red wine, but not the bottom of the argument.’
    • ‘Systems Union, which supplies mid-range accountancy software systems, today said it had managed to drag itself back into the black.’
    • ‘On the mid-range package, for example, you get a limit of 2GB a month, and on the top one, 15GB.’
    • ‘Domestic car makers began to install them in some mid-range and small cars.’
    • ‘It's now vital that the company produce a new mid-range car with mass market appeal.’
    • ‘First, mid-range places tend to have grotesquely over-inflated prices.’
    • ‘The handling, for a mid-range hatch, is superb, with an excellent compromise between handling and comfort.’
    • ‘Well, I guess we know which is the stronger mid-range card for Splinter Cell.’
    • ‘It will put a lot more pressure on mid-range housing stock, and therefore push the prices of these properties up.’
    • ‘The regular cinematic releases shot in Toronto are usually mid-range box office players with a couple of hits thrown in.’
    • ‘Peripheral functions suited to next-generation mid-range models have also been added.’
    • ‘The Epson is an easy-to-use, mid-range camera with great picture quality.’
    • ‘With this chip, IBM now has the makings of an excellent mid-range server or workstation chip.’
    • ‘There's a mid-range menu serving posh pizzas, burgers and a range of light bites, salads and skewers.’
    • ‘The longer mid-range models stop the fingers from flexing at the point of release, or just before release.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a nice mid-range camera, you just can't go wrong with this one.’
    • ‘So, you look on the market for low - to mid-range starters, and there's nothing too enticing.’