Definition of midline in US English:



  • often as modifier A median line or plane of bilateral symmetry, especially that of the body.

    ‘the abdomen was opened by a midline incision’
    • ‘The animals were anesthetized with diethyl ether, and their abdomens were opened by a midline incision.’
    • ‘It portrays an elderly woman with extensive scarring of the chest and what seems to be a recent midline abdominal scar.’
    • ‘Abdominal films from the fourth day of life revealed a midline abdominal mass.’
    • ‘This allows a potentially more cosmetic midline scar and a increased arc of rotation for added flap length.’
    • ‘On the fourth hospital day the patient underwent an exploratory laparotomy through a midline incision.’
    • ‘The vertical midline skin incision was commonly adopted because it was easier and relatively safer than the crease incision.’
    • ‘A radiology technologist carefully defines and marks the midline of the vertebral body.’
    • ‘Those near the midline project to ventral muscle, whereas lateral neurons project to muscles derived from the dorsal muscle mass.’
    • ‘A retrospective analysis of our series of midline forehead flaps performed by the senior author was conducted.’
    • ‘The patellar tendon autograft was harvested through a single midline incision.’
    • ‘Access to the pericardium is achieved through a midline transxiphoid incision.’
    • ‘The procedure is performed through a vertical midline incision over the sternum.’
    • ‘The patient was taken to the operating room and explored through a midline incision.’
    • ‘On the seventh day of admission the patient was taken to the operating room and explored via a lower midline incision.’
    • ‘This was especially the case when the stimulus was applied to contralateral or midline parts of the body.’
    • ‘This is a transabdominal view of the female pelvis showing the midline cut of the uterus.’
    • ‘As you row, pinch your shoulder blade toward the midline of your body and slightly rotate your torso.’
    • ‘A midline incision is used, and the first step is to remove blood and clots and control active bleeding from liver lacerations by packing.’
    • ‘The nurse preps and drapes the patient for a midline abdominal incision.’
    • ‘Our preferred flap is the midline forehead flap with its central location for a midline scar.’