Definition of midget in English:



  • An extremely or unusually small person.

    small person, short person, person of restricted growth
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  • attributive Very small.

    ‘a midget submarine’
    • ‘Three were to operate as a screen for the Pearl Harbor strike force, 20 others were to position themselves around Oahu, and 5 others each were to carry a two-man midget submarine.’
    • ‘He interrupted his medical studies to join the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during the second world war and after Atlantic convoy duty he served on midget submarines, although he was over six feet tall.’
    • ‘Sydney's defences were used in anger only once when two Japanese midget submarines attacked Sydney Harbour on the night of May 31, 1942.’
    • ‘They remembered the 21 young men from the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Navy who lost their lives when a torpedo fired by a Japanese midget submarine tore the ferry HMAS Kuttabul apart at the seawall.’
    • ‘The Japanese, on the other hand, lost 29 aircraft and 5 midget submarines.’
    • ‘Australians on Friday commemorated the 60th anniversary of the night that three Japanese midget submarines invaded Sydney Harbor to attack U.S. and Allied vessels anchored there.’
    • ‘Tethered to it are two midget submarines said to be the same class of craft as those that attacked the Tirpitz.’
    • ‘One of the many interesting sidebars includes computer-enhanced images of a classic battle photo that reveals the previously unnoticed presence of midget submarines just off Battleship Row.’
    • ‘One of eight of the frigates converted for use as a Coastal Forces Control Frigate, HMS Torrington, destroyed a midget submarine on Christmas Day in 1944, just as the ship was going to anchor for Christmas lunch.’
    • ‘De la Penne's expertise was subsequently put to good use by the Allies after the Italian surrender in September 1943, when the midget submarines were called upon to attack the Italian port of La Spezia, by then in German hands.’
    • ‘Historians and television crews have returned to the Arctic Circle in the latest attempt to find a British midget submarine lost in an attack on the Tirpitz 60 years ago.’
    • ‘British submariners have been praised at home and in Russia for their successful rescue of seven men trapped in a midget submarine.’
    • ‘He claimed that Holt, fearing detection by Australian intelligence officers, had sought political asylum in a Chinese midget submarine waiting off Portsea, near Melbourne.’
    • ‘In June, midget submarines went on to attack inside Sydney Head while beachside suburbs were shelled by larger submarines’
    • ‘Suspended opposite the point of entry is the stern of one of the memorial's major drawcards - the Japanese midget submarine, which is dramatically installed across the length of the space.’
    • ‘For example, the midget submarine sunk by the USS Ward had the wrong bow and stern structure.’
    • ‘Japanese losses were five midget submarines and about 28 aircraft, for a total of less than 50 men.’
    • ‘Ship-watchers, mainly Norwegians, were also installed on the Norwegian coast, where German warships lay in wait for Arctic convoys, and reports from them enabled attacks to be launched against them by aircraft and midget submarines.’
    • ‘A midget submarine was then sent down, filming the bow, bridge and foredeck of the ship.’
    • ‘The midget submarine was to be released not more than 15 miles from its target from a parent submarine or surface craft, travel to its intended target and then place a timer charge on its target before slipping away undetected to safety.’
    dwarf, miniature, baby
    diminutive, dwarfish, petite, elfin, very small, pocket, toy, pygmy
    miniature, pocket, fun-size
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Mid 19th century: from midge + -et.