Definition of middy in English:



  • 1informal A midshipman.

    • ‘They left the two middies talking to one another, then entered the gundeck with the sound of snores reaching their ears.’
    • ‘‘I'd recommend your friend Sharin as she'll be working with the command staff and our new gunnery officer Amara,’ Laurel said evenly, ‘and an ensign or middy of your choice.’’
  • 2historical A woman's or child's loose blouse with a collar that is cut deep and square at the back and tapering to the front, resembling that worn by a sailor.

    • ‘The girls wore gray sweaters or maroon blazers over their white middy blouses.’
    • ‘An image of my middy blouse hanging alone on the clotheslines outside our kitchen window, buffeted by the wind, came to mind.’
    • ‘Ness looked up at the small robot as she straightened the red tie in front of her middy blouse.’