Definition of Middle Persian in US English:

Middle Persian


  • The Persian language from c.300 BC to AD 800.

    See also Pahlavi
    • ‘Islam came to Iran long after the lurch from Old Persian to Middle Persian, and heavy lexical borrowing does not entail structural reduction and usually occurs without it (witness Australia).’
    • ‘But in the west, Middle Persian and sister Parthian are suddenly Englishes - inflections vastly fallen away.’
    • ‘More works are preserved in Middle Persian than in Parthian; these include inscriptions, books, tracts, and epistles.’
    • ‘Grammatically, much simplification of inflection took place in Middle Persian, which was recorded both in an Aramaic alphabet and a script called Huzvaresh.’
    • ‘Two books written in Middle Persian from the Sassanide dynasty are left in which Parthian words are seen.’
    • ‘Its grammar is simpler than that of Middle Persian, and it has absorbed a vast Arabic vocabulary.’
    • ‘He believes this may explain why Kharoshthi writing in northwest India borderlands developed as an alphabetic language using Aramaic script while Middle Persian developed as an ideographic system.’