Definition of mid in English:



  • 1attributive Of or in the middle part or position of a range.

    ‘the mid 17th century’
    ‘in mid air’
    • ‘In the mid 19th century it was home to patriotic Viscount Palmerston, the oldest man ever to become Prime Minister.’
    • ‘She said that the canal had to be dug with pick and shovel with hundreds of men employed before its opening in the mid eighteenth century.’
    • ‘Here, a selection of just over a hundred sheets ranges from the late gothic to the mid sixteenth century.’
    • ‘Optimum planting dates for Nebraska and most of the northern states range from early to mid May.’
    • ‘The building dates back to the early or mid 19th century, with a later extension at the back, which was used as a forge.’
    • ‘The highlight is a unique decorative gold jewellery fitting in the form of an animal head, which dates from the mid to late ninth century.’
    • ‘A deliberate policy of promoting free trade can be traced back to the mid nineteenth century.’
    • ‘This building dates back to the 1840s and was the Governor House for the mid 19th century prison.’
    • ‘This is the last building they saw well, before they were deployed back in mid February for the Middle East.’
    • ‘In the mid 19th century the air of cities seemed to be much fouler than their water.’
    • ‘The company did not make an earnings forecast, but said it expects gross margin to be in the mid 60% range.’
    • ‘It should not be so surprising that men are more likely to telework than women, or that those who do telework are from mid career professional positions.’
    • ‘Margins for its mid and long range flights were just over 9 per cent.’
    • ‘It has been the scene of a number of archaeological excavations and finds during the mid to late nineteenth century.’
    • ‘It is hoped that the successful candidate will take up his/her position in mid January.’
    • ‘In the mid 18th century, The Mall was laid out as a fashionable tree lined boulevard.’
    • ‘The list of Shiraz is a full page long with prices ranging from the mid twenties a bottle to well over $100.’
    • ‘The earliest burial at the Tonebaun site dated to the 1400s while the most recent was from the mid twentieth century.’
    • ‘A man, believed to be an English national and in his mid 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene.’
    • ‘Teachers are treated as if they belong to the industrial working class of the mid 20th century.’
    central, mean, medium, medial, median, midway, halfway, equidistant, mesial
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    1. 1.1Phonetics (of a vowel) pronounced with the tongue neither high nor low.
      ‘a mid-central vowel’