Definition of microwaveable in US English:


(also microwavable)


  • See microwave

    • ‘‘There is an increasing recognition of the impact of science and technology,’ he says, pointing to the success of various new products from pizzas to chilled microwaveable beef dishes.’
    • ‘He has completely stopped eating packaged microwaveable convenience foods.’
    • ‘In my list of things that I will never do, ‘buy a microwaveable ready meal’ comes just underneath ‘buy an SUV’, and just above ‘go to another retro disco club’.’
    • ‘I picked two from that last category - ready to heat in microwaveable containers - and headed for home.’
    • ‘Others in the list include microwaveable food, tea bags, instant coffee, sliced bread, ready meals, disposable razors, gravy granules and screw-top wine bottles.’