Definition of microswitch in US English:



  • An electric switch that can be operated rapidly by a small movement.

    • ‘Your common thief comes in, spots the brand new disk drive and goes for it, tripping the tiny microswitch underneath.’
    • ‘Reverse is engaged by pulling on a special T-bar on the centre console that operates a microswitch.’
    • ‘Each chamber contained three perches (one back and two front perches) with microswitches under the crossbars that activated when the birds occupied the perches.’
    • ‘The apparatus has two operational stimulus lights and three perches equipped with microswitches.’
    • ‘All microswitches and counters were controlled by a central power source connected to a digital timer set to turn on one hour after sunset and turn off one hour before sunrise.’
    • ‘After all, it was probably just a stuck microswitch, no big deal.’
    • ‘We've run string from one end of our milking parlor to the microswitches that control the electric motors on the other end that open and close the parlor's three doors.’
    • ‘The microswitches detect any tampering and, if tampered, the system erases the secret keys and data.’
    • ‘Solder the wires to the button microswitches, and attach a small phone jack to the bottom of the footstool.’
    • ‘He has used a chart recorder wired up to flaps with microswitches at 21 burrow entrances in a warren to record wombat activity.’
    • ‘The participant pressed a microswitch to start the trial.’
    • ‘The pads, known as microswitches, are activated when the object's weight is removed.’
    • ‘The microswitch has eight selectable modes: High, medium and low brightness, fast, medium strobe, international SOS, and an auto shutoff mode that, when activated, will turn your Photon Fusion off in 60 seconds.’