Definition of microscopy in US English:



  • The use of the microscope.

    • ‘Thin sections were placed on the grids for electron microscopy and stained with lead citrate.’
    • ‘We define such an approach as functional electron microscopy.’
    • ‘Cells were prepared and stained for electron microscopy as described elsewhere.’
    • ‘The present paper describes the formation of surface callus on stem wounds of lime trees as observed by light and electron microscopy.’
    • ‘Scanning electron microscopy was applied to some pieces which were very rich in filaments.’
    • ‘Often, a hook-like shape of this small region was observed in electron microscopy.’
    • ‘Concurrent scanning electron microscopy was carried out for morphological characterization.’
    • ‘Light microscopy and low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy were used to investigate the secretory process.’
    • ‘The virus can be seen on immune electron microscopy, but most labs don't have an EM.’
    • ‘The morpho-anatomical study was carried out through scanning electron and light microscopy.’
    • ‘For electron microscopy, cells were fixed and prepared as previously described.’
    • ‘The identity of adenovirus may rely on electron microscopy or immunohistochemistry.’
    • ‘Morphological analyses were carried out with light and scanning electron microscopy.’
    • ‘The kinetics of the fungal infection were followed by light, confocal and electron microscopy.’
    • ‘Flies were prepared for scanning electron microscopy as previously described.’
    • ‘Are you saying that their scanning electron microscopy was the same as optical?’
    • ‘The fresh tissues were routinely processed for transmission electron microscopy.’
    • ‘The recesses and interior areas of an object may be viewed using video microscopy, employing an optical fibre and camera probe.’
    • ‘This species can be distinguished from P. parvum only with electron microscopy.’
    • ‘This allows its visualization in leaf tissues by epifluorescence microscopy.’