Definition of microprobe in US English:



  • An instrument in which a beam of electrons or other radiation is focused onto a minute area of a sample and the resulting secondary radiation (usually X-ray fluorescence) is analyzed to yield chemical information.

    • ‘We manipulated the passive flagella with force-calibrated glass microprobes to measure the force and torque needed to bend the passive flagella.’
    • ‘In view of these complexities, further U-Pb geochronology was carried out using the ion microprobe.’
    • ‘Until recently, ion microprobes could only analyze dozens of such sub-grains at one time and so were able to deduce only the average properties of a sample.’
    • ‘Until recently, two different methods have been employed: measurement of transmission through peeled epidermal tissue and measurement of leaf internal radiation using fibre-optic microprobes.’
    • ‘Pressure in the xylem elements, monitored with a pressure microprobe, changed from the initial pressure at the time of pressure step to the new steady pressure after some time.’