Definition of microporous in US English:



  • See micropore

    • ‘If the heating is carried out at a slow rate, low-frequency vibrational modes are responsible for destabilizing the microporous crystalline structure.’
    • ‘An embossed medical nonwoven tape offers the bidirectional tearability generally associated with perforated plastic tapes and the comfort and extended-wear capabilities of microporous tapes.’
    • ‘A freestanding battery separator includes a microporous polymer web with passageways that provide overall fluid permeability.’
    • ‘The principle of filter elution is that the rate at which DNA strands are carried through a microporous filter by a fluid flow depends upon the length distribution of those strands.’
    • ‘He correctly surmised that the solid component of the gel was microporous, and that the pore structure collapsed due to the liquid-vapor surface tension forces of the evaporating liquid.’