Definition of microparticle in US English:



  • A microscopic particle.

    ‘the porous silicon microparticles are about one micrometer in diameter’
    • ‘The microparticle formulations release drugs locally and consistently at therapeutic concentrations in the brain.’
    • ‘Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease associated with increased microparticle production.’
    • ‘The microparticle solutions are portable and could stabilize patients in emergency situations.’
    • ‘An individual microparticle contains only a relatively small number of magnetic units.’
    • ‘Performance is reduced by numerous sand storms which cover the surface of the panels with dust or a mixture of sand and hydrocarbon micro particles.’
    • ‘The institute developed a resource-efficient process for laser-based functionalizing of nano- and microparticle materials.’
    • ‘Some vacuum cleaners contain micro-particle filters, and can help to reduce mite populations and mite-related particles in the home.’
    • ‘Inside these micro particles is genetic material and large molecules called proteins which confer drug resistance.’
    • ‘A model describing the microparticle dynamics and accounting for all of these effects was presented.’
    • ‘The researchers have achieved comparable types of results with the microparticle delivery approaches.’