Definition of microhabitat in US English:



  • A habitat which is of small or limited extent and which differs in character from some surrounding more extensive habitat.

    • ‘The habitat of S. lineatus can be divided into microhabitats differing in vegetation structure, which determines the amount of solar radiation penetrating the vegetation.’
    • ‘Although variations in relief on the rocky outcrops provide a myriad of microhabitats, habitat preference of these geophytes is dependent upon the mat species.’
    • ‘Many species of crabs and lobsters, for example, are limited to specific microhabitats due to behavioral constraints: they require rocky areas with crevices for protection from predators and for mate guarding during breeding.’
    • ‘The slope of the regression equation was significantly higher for the risky microhabitat than the safe microhabitat, a result consistent with the prediction for digestibility reducers.’
    • ‘Stepwise logistic regression and the log-likelihood ratio were used to determine how well Aki trees and controls can be predicted given the microhabitat and tree characteristic variables that we measured.’