Definition of microgeneration in US English:



  • The generation of electricity or heat on a small scale, typically for domestic use and using methods, such as solar panels, that do not contribute to the depletion of natural resources.

    • ‘Its study shows microgeneration in all its forms could provide 30-40 per cent of the country's electricity by then.’
    • ‘Microgeneration using renewable energy technologies like solar photovoltaics (PV), solar water heating, ground source heat pumps, and wind turbines could be installed with the necessary consents.’
    • ‘Microgeneration supplies electricity to the home, and surplus amounts can be fed back into local distribution networks.’
    • ‘Many people do not want to move but want more room to bring up their kids, or to make minor home improvements or tackle climate change through microgeneration.’
    • ‘The report is published in a week that the government has decided to encourage microgeneration in homes, offices and for whole streets of houses.’
    • ‘I am also determined that we should find ways to put energy back in the hands of people and communities - microgeneration and community scale generation must become an increasing part of our energy mix.’
    • ‘The report says an unacknowledged benefit of microgeneration is that it puts people back in touch with where energy comes from, and the need to live in balance with the ecosystems on which we all depend.’
    • ‘The Government estimates that microgeneration could meet up to 40 per cent of the UK's electricity demand by 2050.’
    • ‘Microgeneration can make a significant contribution to our total energy needs.’
    • ‘Microgeneration remains largely untapped, and needs to be given much greater priority by the Government, local authorities and industry.’
    • ‘"It is patently absurd that you should be able to put a satellite dish up on your house but should have to wrestle with the planning process for small scale microgeneration which is no more obtrusive."’
    • ‘Although we do not own any land, we provide free advice information to accommodation providers and clients about home-based renewable energy resources especially microgeneration.’
    • ‘But our experience also highlights that there are a number of barriers that need to be overcome if the UK is to develop microgeneration as a mainstream source of energy supply.’
    • ‘Ofgem will also play its part by removing any regulatory barriers to microgeneration through our review of gas and electricity supply licences.’
    • ‘We want far more microgeneration to be treated as permitted development.’
    • ‘The National Trust has called for policy makers to move microgeneration from its current niche into the energy mainstream.’
    • ‘It was good news to hear that new buildings will have to cover 15% of their carbon emission through design and microgeneration.’
    • ‘As our work amply demonstrates, energy efficiency and microgeneration can be successfully incorporated into old and new buildings alike.’
    • ‘The cost and time of submitting an application and obtaining permission is proving a "disincentive" to microgeneration.’
    • ‘Demand for microgeneration had become so great that the funding was being taken up within hours of becoming available.’