Definition of microdose in US English:



  • A very small amount of a drug used to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects.

    ‘placed in the tumor, the device releases microdoses of different drugs, each affecting nearby cancer cells’
    ‘he treats people with microdoses of marijuana’
    • ‘The Nature team immediately deemed that there is no evidence that the microdoses have biological action.’
    • ‘A simple idea became a basis of this principle - the whole amount of precursors mixture must be stored cool, only their microdoses can be introduced into evaporator.’
    • ‘Nor was he asked about the 90 percent of cycling's doping methods that remain undetectable - synthetic hemoglobins, growth hormones, designer Nandrolone, EPO in daily microdoses, insulin, renal receptor activators.’
    • ‘That is the advantage of enlisting bacteria to provide protection to plants' roots at the cellular level, serving as factories to apply microdoses of fungicide where they count the most.’
    • ‘It is quite amazing that such microdoses of a potentised homeopathic drug which is produced by the dilution and succession of the toxic substance itself were capable of bringing about such spectacular enzymatic alterations in mice treated with a toxic dose of arsenic oxide.’
    • ‘When you drink a liter of water containing hydrosols over the course of a day, you are taking multiple microdoses of your ‘remedy.’’
    • ‘In so doing, Kent acknowledged the aspect of the body-mind that enables it to react curatively to microdoses of correctly chosen substances.’


[no object]
  • Take a microdose of a drug.

    ‘he has microdosed with LSD half dozen times in the past year’