Definition of microcinema in US English:



  • 1A genre consisting of low-budget alternative or independent films and videos.

    ‘she took a course in microcinema at the state college’
    • ‘As a producer of microcinema it is important that you have an understanding of the filmmaking process.’
    • ‘Acts of communication, whether or not they take place within the context of microcinema, might fail.’
    1. 1.1 A small room or theater used to show low-budget independent films.
      ‘the campus has three microcinemas’
      • ‘For many years, microcinemas have helped to bring independent films to audiences around the world.’
      • ‘She then brings the shows to different audiences and venues including microcinemas, bars, living rooms, galleries, schools, and churches.’
      • ‘Generally, the films shown at microcinemas are not made with any sense of commercial viability in mind, and the microcinemas themselves often operate with almost no budget.’
      • ‘Due to disputed music rights, SUPERSTAR was sent underground, appearing at microcinemas and basements in bootleg form.’
      • ‘Independent Exposure is screened worldwide at various microcinemas and alternative venues and festivals around the world.’
      • ‘Many of the questions we receive on film preservation come from people wanting to initiate microcinemas in their own communities.’
      • ‘It's an intriguing thought, and it's clear that Chlotrudis needs to look into these microcinemas the same way the organization has been working more with Film Festivals.’
      • ‘I had been touring through the United States, Mexico and Europe with my own films since the early 90's and knew that small microcinemas and art spaces flourished throughout the world.’
      • ‘Unless you saw every single film shown in any single theatre, art gallery, film festival, microcinema and basement, a top ten list is only personal and timely.’
      • ‘The touring programme was made available free to curators, programmers, microcinemas, distributors and websites who are seeking contemporary, experimental, time-based work.’
      • ‘A growing list of microcinemas, alternative venues, festivals, organizations, and others who are active in promoting the microcinema movement.’
      • ‘Rooftop Films is committed to helping small arts groups, particularly microcinemas and small film exhibitors.’