Definition of microcell in US English:



  • A small mobile phone base station connected to the phone network via the Internet, typically used to improve mobile phone reception within a particular area.

    ‘to shift the burden on its network to the Internet, the company is selling microcells to its cellphone customers, to install in their homes’
    • ‘I have the microcell and it is great.’
    • ‘This comes on top of in flight cellphone service, in which essentially a microcell is established inside the aircraft, and where your phone "roams" from your home network to that inside the plane.’
    • ‘But microwave backhaul is now becoming essential for linking microcells, which cover just a block or two.’
    • ‘Recall, I live in an area with no usable signal, hence the microcell.’
    • ‘The microcell has allowed me to cut my land line down to local only.’