Definition of microcapsule in English:



  • A small capsule used to contain drugs, dyes, or other substances and render them temporarily inactive.

    • ‘Bioadhesive polymers in the form of, or as a coating on, microcapsules containing drugs or bioactive substances which may serve for therapeutic, or diagnostic purposes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, are described.’
    • ‘A three-way ANOVA was used to evaluate the density of microcapsules on leaves with spray application, leaf surface (top or bottom surfaces), and canopy height (low and high) as the main effects.’
    • ‘The Phase-Shift has warm, lightweight insulation that is impregnated with Outlast, microcapsules that seek thermal equilibrium.’
    • ‘The ‘ink’ is a microcapsule of TiO2 particles in a coloured fluid.’
    • ‘If these experiments prove successful, large-scale demand for these types of microcapsules may require future development of ground manufacturing equipment that counteracts the effects of gravity.’
    • ‘The addition of adjuvants could perhaps improve the deposition of microcapsules on leaves with either spray method.’
    • ‘Hypo-allergenic moisturizer is time-released via tiny microcapsules in the hosiery fiber, which consumers said was comfortable and made legs softer.’
    • ‘They have also used what they describe as a more sophisticated nozzle assembly to fabricate similarly sized microcapsules in which a drug core is surrounded by a biodegradable polymer shell.’
    • ‘E-ink, which is now commercialised by a company of the same name ( is a liquid containing microcapsules.’
    • ‘Embedded in SmartWrap are microcapsules of phase change materials (PCMs).’
    • ‘Also designed by BASF, the plaster contains microcapsules filled with wax particles that store latent heat - if it is very warm outside, the wax melts, thereby soaking up heat without raising the temperature of the room.’
    • ‘The 40p stamp celebrating the medicine prize is a ‘scratch-and-sniff’ design printed with ink containing microcapsules of scent.’
    • ‘Liu et al. improved the computational algorithm, and applied the model to data on microcapsules.’
    • ‘The density of fluorescent microcapsules on the ground was estimated by placing five plastic cards beneath the tree canopy prior to the spray application.’
    • ‘Adjusting one or more application parameters to increase either the deposition and/or retention of microcapsules over time may be a useful approach to extend the efficacy of sprayables for codling moth.’