Definition of microbrew in US English:



North American
  • A type of beer produced in a microbrewery.

    ‘bar listings range from myriad single malt Scotches to microbrews on tap’
    • ‘There's a nice balance in knowledge when it comes to microbrews.’
    • ‘For a while in the 1990s it seemed that microbrews, brew pubs and craft beers were going to overthrow the established brewing order.’
    • ‘I do have this funky little crick in my neck, though, but it's nothing a nice microbrew won't cure.’
    • ‘I stick to microbrews - at least they have character for the carbs.’
    • ‘Import sales soar higher than the Concorde, regional microbrews flood local markets and new beer brands abound.’
    • ‘In the early nineties, you couldn't turn around without spilling a microbrew on some goateed guy's flannel.’
    • ‘Use local microbrews for your combos, those brews whose flavors your customers already recognize and which might meld nicely with other local micros.’
    • ‘However, Boulevard Brewing Company, the local microbrew, does incredibly well in our establishment.’
    • ‘I noticed a tap for a local microbrew called Prohibition Ale, brewed by Speakeasy Brewery.’
    • ‘The microbrews caused a growth in tap handles, which favored on-premise.’
    • ‘Of course, a number of microbrews have popped up since the 1980s, when the market first opened up to specialty beers.’
    • ‘For relaxation, campers drank microbrews, tossed Frisbees, and disassembled a Toyota Prius, then put it back together again (it was a rental).’
    • ‘Sample the Bridger Bar brownies at the midmountain Deer Park Chalet or a microbrew by the stone fireplace in the Jim Bridger Lodge.’
    • ‘In the mid-1990s the new excitement was about microbrews and specialty beers.’
    • ‘Customers who want some help wading through all the suds - microbrews, Belgians and rare international brews lead the list - can even consult with Higgins' beer steward.’
    • ‘While there are slight variations from restaurant to restaurant, each carries a microbrew.’
    • ‘I don't know if this is ‘yuppie,’ but I only drink microbrews or imported beer.’
    • ‘If young beer drinkers have migrated from microbrews to low-carb and retro beers, what else?’
    • ‘Foods they are seeking to preserve include thousands of apple varieties that are at risk of becoming extinct, different types of handcrafted cheeses and small-batch microbrews.’
    • ‘The malternatives look just like a tightly compressed replay of microbrews: huge growth, huge proliferation of brands, more thought on the marketing than on the product, and fallout.’


[with object]US
  • Produce (beer) in a microbrewery.

    ‘the beer is microbrewed in Racine’
    ‘microbrewed beer’