Definition of microbiologic in US English:



  • See microbiology

    • ‘Microbiologic cure used a four-point scale to document eradication of the pathogen, microbiologic persistence, indeterminate results, or missing data.’
    • ‘Because infectious agents can produce symptoms indistinguishable from ulcerative colitis, microbiologic analyses for bacteria, parasites, and amoebas should be performed.’
    • ‘Antibiotic treatment was associated with microbiologic remission (pathogen eradication or reduction).’
    • ‘The lung is constantly exposed to a broad spectrum of environmental toxins, including microbiologic pathogens and their products, particulate matter, and ozone.’
    • ‘This vision-threatening infection, which is generally managed by ophthalmologists, requires microbiologic assessment (Gram stain and culture) and immediate, aggressive treatment.’