Definition of microbeads in US English:


plural noun

  • Extremely small pieces of plastic, used especially in cleansing products as exfoliating agents.

    ‘a single bottle of facial scrub can contain as many as 300,000 microbeads’
    ‘waste management is not an effective solution to prevent microbead pollution’
    • ‘Immediately after painting the glue, she sprinkled on gold micro beads.’
    • ‘Many of us use exfoliating soaps with micro beads.’
    • ‘The institute found such significant microbead pollution in the Great Lakes region last year that it launched a campaign to have them banned.’
    • ‘The multinational consumer goods company has announced that by 2015 their products will no longer contain these micro beads.’
    • ‘One emerging issue is the increasing use of directly created "micro beads" of plastic in toothpaste, gels, and facial cleansers.’
    • ‘The worst offender of plastic pollution is the micro beads found in several beauty products women use to exfoliate their skin, they said.’
    • ‘The company announced that it will stop using micro beads by 2015.’
    • ‘Consumers can receive the same benefit of microbead scrubs with homemade mixtures that use honey and sugar without harming the environment.’
    • ‘In a press conference, both declared their support for a microbead ban.’
    • ‘The community is willing to support things like container deposits, banning lightweight plastic bags and the removal of plastic micro beads from soaps and shampoos.’