Definition of michelada in US English:



  • A drink made with beer, lime juice, piquant seasonings, and sometimes tomato juice.

    ‘round out your meal with a spicy michelada’
    • ‘Like a spicy, salty twist on beer, the refreshing michelada also has a nice little cornucopia of healthy stuff in it.’
    • ‘Her list includes Brazil's Caipirinha, Cuba's Mojito and Mexico's Michelada.’
    • ‘There's plenty of Spanish wines, but this food clamors for inventive margaritas and super-sized Micheladas, both of which are at the ready.’
    • ‘What goes in a michelada also depends on who you talk to.’
    • ‘When I drink a Michelada, I expect to experience an almost uncomfortable burn from the capsaicin-heavy hot sauce.’
    • ‘The michelada as demonstrated on television by Rick Bayless retains the lime juice, salted rim and ice, but adds Worcestershire and soy sauces, Tabasco, and the Maggi seasoning used in many Mexican kitchens.’
    • ‘Two people can eat here and have a michelada each for around $25.’
    • ‘This gave rise to variations culminating in the michelada("MY iced beer"), with a spicy base as elaborate as a secret barbecue sauce.’
    • ‘A Michelada, I later learned, is supposed to have some sort of tomato juice, while a Chelada doesn't.’
    • ‘Not only is this the spiciest Michelada in the city, it bears the perfect garnish: a tender steamed shrimp, draped on the spicy rim of the glass.’
    • ‘For those not familiar with micheladas, it's basically a spicy bloody mary with beer.’


1990s: Mexican Spanish.