Definition of meze in English:


(also mezze)


  • In the Mediterranean, an appetizer.

    • ‘You can make a meal of meze along with the excellent freshly baked flatbread that washes up on the table like a puffy, sesame-crusted raft.’
    • ‘Afterwards, we continued to enjoy watching the dolphins entertain guests from the deck of Corals Restaurant, a delightful indoor/outdoor bistro specializing in Mediterranean mezes only 20 feet away from the dolphin pool.’
    • ‘Once you reach your resort, be sure not to miss the typical Cypriot meze.’
    • ‘You can sample wine, nibble on meze and hobnob with friendly locals.’
    • ‘Alternatively, ask for meze which gives you a taste of all those dishes with a smattering of fried squid and fasolia, cooked beans with tomato and herbs.’
    • ‘The same could be said for the food, which is ingeniously served on food sticks - chunky, hollowed-out planks housing various meze, Thai and world fusion foods.’
    • ‘You can gobble it whole, or dip it in a bowl of tzatziki, or enjoy it in tandem with any one of fifteen inventive varieties of meze.’
    • ‘When people eat out they often order meze, a large collection of small dishes starting with various dips and salads and ending with grilled meat or fish.’
    • ‘Other meals can begin with meze served with rakia (fruit brandy).’
    • ‘Kinzer also logged plenty of evenings in the Turkish bistros called meyhanes eating meze, or small plates of appetizers, and consuming raki, the Turkish national beverage.’
    • ‘Pasha continues the winning streak with its carefully made meze, the bright-tasting first courses that are so much fun to eat, and its deftly grilled kebabs of lamb and chicken.’
    • ‘Apart from the fact that there was delicious meze there was also quite a lot of wine, and we had several deep and meaningful conversations about relationships that I can't exactly remember today.’
    • ‘Our table was groaning with plates of meze and dressed with chilled bottles of Villa Doluca (the ubiquitous vin de table of Turkey).’
    • ‘Turkey is also famous for its appetizers, called meze, made from meat, fish, and vegetables.’


Turkish and modern Greek.