Definition of metonymically in US English:



  • See metonymy

    • ‘Indeed, the paradoxical literacy work that occurs in writing conferences and writing centers represents metonymically the paradoxical work of higher education generally.’
    • ‘Within a single discourse community, this is feasible: once people understand what the signs represent, they come to expect that a certain combination of textual gestures metonymically present an Other self on a printed page.’
    • ‘The object doesn't necessarily have to be an activity, though an activity is usually implied metonymically.’
    • ‘The narrator visits the second-hand clothing shops that line Monmouth Street in order to indulge in the pleasures of imagining the persons whom the cast-off pieces of clothing metonymically conjure up.’
    • ‘So the book itself stands, metonymically, as a potentially solid architectural edifice, like the Company store and Miss Whitlaw's Victorian house, both of which withstand the earthquake.’